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  1. Large-sized and <001>-seeded PMN-PT crystals are available

    Recently, <001> seeded large-sized (4 inch diameter 8 inch long) PMN-PT single crystals have been manufactured routinely using a modified Bridgman technique. The melt growth method has led to the availability of PMN-PT single crystals for the commercial applications. The PMN-PT crystals with compositions near the MPB exhibit anomalously high dielectric and piezoelectric properties making them candidates for a broad range of applications in acoustic transduction devices such as actuators, sensors, ultrasonic imaging transducers, underwater acoustics, active vibration control, transformers, optics, and bulk acoustic wave devices for telecommunications.

  2. Three new vibration modes of PMN-PT crystal products commercially available now:

    • Re-pole able High longitudinal share d36 mode

      A discovery, released on July 2004, is the d36 mode that gives the large value of longitudinal share piezoelectric coefficient d36 as high as 2500 pC/N for a <110> poled macroscopic orthorhombic symmetry. The maximum d36 occurs at the xzt +45o cut. It is unique that the re-pole able capability for the d36 configuration is much preferred to the application due to the same poling electrodes as the working electrodes.

    • Super-High Transverse Shear d15 mode

      This product is <111> poled PMN-PT single crystal that works on Transverse Shear (TS) mode. The highest d15 up to 6000 pC/N at room temperature were measured on PMN-PT single crystals. The extraordinary high transverse shear piezoelectric d15 up to 6000 pC/N in rhombohedral single crystal (3m) occurs at the zxt -22.5o cut or zxt 157.5o cut. It is highly desirable that cross-talk from d16 can be eliminated completely.

    • High Transverse extension d31 mode

      This product is a<011> poled PMN-PT crystal that works on transverse Extension (TE) mode. The highest d31 up to 1800 pC/N at room temperature were measured on PMN-PT single crystals. the maximum transverse extension piezoelectric coefficient d31 exits in the multi-domain with macroscopic orthorhombic symmetry (mm2) and zxt 0o cut.

  3. Large-sized PIN-PMN-PT crystals are available

    Ternary PIN-PMN-PT crystals in 3 inch dia and 7 inch long are commercially available. The coercive field of PIN-PMN-PT crystal has been more than doubled for PMN-PT crystal, and depoling temperature increases by 40 C up to 130C. It is particularly used for high drive application, such as acoustic projectors.

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